Saturday, 24 March 2012

Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation

This is copied from the Chanel website, the colour is #10

The colour suits me very well I have to say, it is light weight, watery in texture. I love the texture a lot and I would consider to buy it WHEN I APPLY FOR IT. It is long-wearing and everything is good. However, 4-5 hours after I put this foundation on, horrible things happens which changes my mind completely.

The foundation oxidises which leaves a weird colour to my skin, it's yellowy and grey (and getting darker and darker) and I don't like the colour. It makes my skin to look dull and seems like I am wearing a mask. Therefore it completely put off and out of my list. I thought it was just me and I am sure I am not alone after doing more research about this foundation. I discovered that a lot of the bloggers have the same experience.

This is my first time going to Chanel's counter. I read from Hakme's blog (click here to link to her blog) about the aqua foundation that she loved it. I have similar skin type as hers and would like to try. When I went to the counter, a Chinese BA came to me and said that AQUA one would not suit me because the colour is more for the pink undertone people and this one will suit me better. And it's completely wrong. Might go back again and try the other foundation and see how it looks. But it was quite a disappointment to find out that for that high price, Chanel's  foundation does not do its job properly. Please leave me comments for what you think about this foundation :) and DO CHECK ON Hakme's blog, she has detailed review on the products that she uses


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