Thursday 29 March 2012

Review: Big Skincare Mystery

This was a big buzz on facebook throughout the previous few months. Everyone get a little schalet of sample to try on.

This can be used as cleanser or a mask.
I have been able to try both with this schalet.
I have to say, I love this smell of the cleanser, it's nice, refreshing and relaxing when applying.
The cream form is very smooth~ it seems doing a massage on the skin.

Review One: Cleanser:
It does it job to cleanse it, removes dryness of the skin as well, very hydrating after applying.

Review Two: mask:
It does a OK job. but I am not sure whether it's supposed to be a cleansing mask. What I noticed was that the blackheads are not removed. However the skin is smoother than before with more radiance.

Overall: quite satisfied. and on 1st March (nearly a month ago) I went back to skincarerevolution on facebook page and saw this:

I wouldn't have known it's by Clearasil! and the product is as follows:


To be honest, I wouldn't have tried if it's a Clearasil because I haven't heard much about them before. I think the marketing team of Clearasil has done a good job by sending this mystery sample to everyone~ It will make people guess which brand it is and get the people like me who will not try unknown brands to try this product. (seems contradicting here, I am the sort of person who do a lot of research before buying a product and when it comes to skincare, I am very picky on that!)

I think I will be purchasing it when I come across in Boots. However, I would like to try the cleansing wipes first :) I am hoping to try different cleansing abilities of the wipes :)

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  1. I liked this too, im going to invest when i see it on offer xx


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