Sunday 25 March 2012

Regret Review: Beauty face masks from wowwcher

It is a quick review because i haven't got much to say about these masks.

I have used the masks and they do nothing to me to be honest. I got it in a deal for 19.95 pounds about a month ago and started using them. I was caught by the fact taht it's a gel and collagen mask.

The mask would not fit the face after adjusting and slides off all the time. There are lots of bubbles taht I cannot get rid of under the mask and not smoothing at all. The cleansing does not do much on cleansing bit and it is not norishing and hydrating at all. Basically I don't think that it's worth buying. I am quite disappointed because I could have spent the same amount of money for a better or or another Origins Drink Up intensive which does a better job than these face masks


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