Monday, 26 March 2012

Haul: 24-03-2012

Yes you are right, another BOOTS haul during the weekend... 3 hauls in 1 week!!! I should stop going to town and to Boots

I think everyone do get one of the 5 pounds voucher for No.7 products. I went there and hoping to get the new wipes from the Beautiful skin line, unfortunately they were all sold out.. I walked for a long time and tried to find what kind of products I should buy and finally got 2 of the No.7 range products.
1. Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser...
I was not going to buy this because I have too many hot cloth cleanser at the moment. But Chloe highly recommends this and i think I will give it a go!

2. No.7 eyeliner brush. I need a new eyeliner brush because the one that I am having are came with the gel eyeliner and they are tiny. It's hard to control. Hopefully this will help me draw a smoother eyeliner in the future!

Then I went to buy 2 soap and glory hand maid gel for putting in the handbag. they are anticeptic ones and very handy if you need a shot while you are out

Also bought a La Roche Posay mist to try out. This is a tiny version and I can kind of compare with the Avene one which I am currently using ;)

End of the Haul this month (finger cross) and hopefully don't need to visit Boots as often as I did before ;)


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