Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Haul 20/03/2012

Finally, I found Relvon Lip butter in my local store. They are on offer too, 2 for 10 pounds and I've got 4 of them out of the 14 lip butter collection

Haven't swatched them. They are still brand new in the tube.. I am thinking whether I should change the Creme Brulee or Marcaroon one to Cupcake. Any suggestions? I like more of the nudy/pinky/coraly colour

Then I went to MAC counter and got a lipstick

I love it very much~ I think it's the end of the haul before my Japanese make up collection :) Probably do more review before April when I get the delivery from Japan!


  1. Dorothy, can you do some swatches please ^^
    thanks xx

    1. I will swatch some for sure.... once I know I am definately going with those colours.. I am still unsure whether I should keep creme brulee or not.. haha.. women are like this


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