Friday 9 March 2012


As today is the World's Women's Day and Mother's day is coming, I am going to do a mystery giveaway!
There are products in different brands including Bourjois, Body shop, Borghese, Clinique, and across all the beauty/makeup/body care range!

There are 3 winners in the contest, each receive a little bag with various products in it (equal amount of products, more than 10 pounds per bag!)!

To enter the giveaway, is simple. Just follow my blog and comment below with the answers of one of the following question (or all if you wish):
1. What do you think about my blog?
2. What kind of post you would like me writing about?
3. What can I improve as a blogger.

The lottery will be drawn on the 15th March and I will announce in my blog and twitter about who's the winner.

P.S. I will make a note of who has subscribed to my blog and unsubscribe afterwards. I think it is unfair for those who do that and those who really like my blog. Therefore if I find that you unsubscribe from my blog after the contest, you will automatically be 'kicked out' of the other giveaway or draw contest that held by me!!!

it'll be greatful if you share on your blog or twit me :)


  1. 1. What do you think about my blog?
    Honestly love it! Some great posts especially about beauty boxes!
    2. What kind of post you would like me writing about?
    Any! I would love to see some more non-beauty box posts i think as much as i love them i think its nice to sometimes mix it up :D
    3. What can I improve as a blogger.
    Nothing! I think your doing great and have some really nice and readable posts! the only thing i would say if i had to is about mixing the posts up a bit :D
    Thanks for this giveaway! (Shona Swaps!)

  2. Hiya Dorothy!
    2) I'd like to see more face/make up looks maybe :)

    I'm also having a giveaway, i'd appreciate if you wanna check my blog too... And I h ave an upcoming post about our swap... I'll link you back. :)

  3. Hi Dorothy, only just found your blog through BBS (Emma TH Swaps). Fab giveaway!
    1. I really like your blog, I have just had a read through some of your posts and your beauty box posts are fab, informative with good pics!
    2. I like seeing what different products look like on and enjoy reading opinions on certain products (especially lippies haha).
    3. I really like your blog, I like simple layouts like yours that are easy to browse through, so you are doing a good job already!



  4. Hey dorothy I think of what i saw that your blog is moving on very well. one can also add some clothes mix and match if you know what i mean but on the whole it is very well kept :)

  5. Hi Dorothy,
    I like the idea of mystery giveaway! It's really nice thought!

    Q:1. What do you think about my blog?
    A: Nice and clear layout, great topics and posts.
    Q:2. What kind of post you would like me writing about?
    A: I would like to read more make up posts, make up products reviews.
    Q:3. What can I improve as a blogger.
    A: It's hard for me to say how to improve as a blogger, I thought about this question for a couple of minutes, I think you are doing well and just to be yourself and share things which you like with other people.


  6. Hi, Dorothy! I'd like to answer the 2nd question :))

    What kind of post you would like me writing about?
    I really love makeup products reviews and tutorials, from the simplest one like smokey eyes to the difficult one, perhaps like fantasy make up and else. So, yes, I wish to see more tutorials in your blog.

  7. 1) I like your idea about this blog!
    2) I would love to see the posts as "Latest in Beauty YOU box"
    3) Your reviews about products to make up or improvement skin (+ Giveaways) will be useful to us!
    lusizova at

  8. I like your giveaway posts but I think you could blog more about beauty products you use as well. Like your favourites of all time or favourites of the month. maybe swatch your fav lipsticks, eyeshadow etc. :)

    I follow via GFC as Lucisek-Lucy's Stash
    lucisek dot beluha /at/


  9. Hi Dorothy! I've only recently found your blog, I found it through the #bbloggers hashtag on Twitter! I'm not a beauty blogger myself, but I love to read them, so it was great to find yours!

    I thought I'd answer the first question!

    I think that you already have a great blog here, even though it's relatively new. I like that you have lots of photos in your posts, and that you provide honest opinions on what you think of the products. Keep up the good work!

    Janey xx
    cupidsbow at

  10. What do you think about my blog?
    2. What kind of post you would like me writing about?
    3. What can I improve as a blogger.

    Hi :)
    I like the fact that you review normal things that people can afford/have unlike alot of bloggers that review mostly high end or unobtainable products :/ (i found your blog through beauty box swaps :) )
    I think you should do more make up or cosmetics reviews as thats what alot of bloggers are interested in :)
    I like your blog cause its nice and simple, however maybe the background or presentation could be changed to spice it up a bit :)


  11. I think the most important thing as a blogger is to write about things you feel passionate about. This comes accross in yours :) so just keep doing what you are doing! :)xx

  12. Hey Dorothy!

    1. What do you think about my blog?
    2. What kind of post you would like me writing about?
    3. What can I improve as a blogger.

    1. I really like your blog. I like the topics that you post about - and will definitely stay subscribed!
    2. I like the direction your blog is heading in, but you've mentioned a few times about reviewing individual products from beauty boxes so it'd be nice to see some of those!
    3. It's hard to say what you can improve on as I've only been blogging for a couple of months myself. I personally think you should change your layout a bit, make it a bit more personal & stuff. And keep holding these awesome giveaways! ;)

    Lola ..x

  13. I really like your blog, found it through a link Nina posted.
    I would like to see some posts on travelling too, as I see you like that from your "about me" statement. Would be very interesting :)
    I think as long as you love your blog this shows through in what you write, I'm a complete newbie so can't give advice! But I think you are doing great and I look forward to reading more posts x

  14. Hey!
    1) I love the look of your blog, there is a great use of space. and i love your post esp beauty.

    2) I would really like to see more fashion and beauty posts, love them.

    3) I don't think you need to improve anything, just stay constant in posting about things you love xxx

  15. 1) I like your posts, they are very informative and i like your honesty.
    2) I would love to see more make up looks and beauty reviews.
    3) The only improvement hun that i can see is to have maybe more tutorials and beauty reviews. It's the kind of thing i like to look at. As im 38, i would love to see different opinions and looks to help keep me looking 28 (i wish lol.)
    Thank you for a great blog. xxxx

  16. 1.What do you think about my blog?
    I love it! I just found it and think it's great! I love the combination of different posts and love your writing style!
    2. What kind of post you would like me writing about?
    I love seeing posts about nail varnishes or in particular new products! :D Looks great!
    3. What can I improve as a blogger.
    Nothing! I love what you're doing! :D Always remember this is your blog! :) xxxx xxx


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