Sunday, 11 March 2012

First ever She said beauty box!

She said beauty launched in March 2012 to UK. It is a beautybox like glossybox or carmine in the market. I subscribed to the first one and I am in love with it. I am happy that I received on the first day of March (without a long wait for the box!)

It comes in a pinkish box

And the actual box is blue-green in colour

with pink linings

The box is a bit waffling... she said beauty should do something about it. the edges are not sticking together

what is in it?!?!

1.Jing Flowering dragon eye tea
I love dragon eye, it's so sweet and helps you to go to sleep. I haven't tired the actual tea yet because I have 'no time' to do so :P quite busy with assignments and very lazy to cook or even boil water.

This is actually a bonus product. Will try it when I have handed in all the assignments. and blog about it if it's good

2. We are faux - Vixen fake eyelashes

It is quite natural and I love this. The downside of the eyelashes is that there is no glue in it. If I am not a false lashes wearer, I would not be able to put it on. It would be better if a little glue is in the box for those who might not have the glue or a beginner to makeup.

3. Orly manicure miniatures - black

It comes with the nail files. The files is way too hard! Black is not my colour therefore I am not going to use it. I prefer more natural, nudy colour to be honest.

4. Collect 2000 Cream puff #2

This is a natural colour. I have way too many lip glosses and lipstick to be honest! This is quite thick in consistency and It will be better if it's lighter. It is a nice colour though

5. Avenda Smooth Infusion Trio

It contains shampoo, conditioner & style-prep smoother to ensure for a 'salon' feel. I have sensitive scalp and I will pass it on to someone who can test it and use it! :)

6. Comfort Zone good night kit

This is the product that everyone has problem with. The good night kit sample was manufactured in August 2010 (now it's 2012!) and the product inside has turned bad.

The cream inside should be white in colour and this is yellowish. I think she said beauty has the responsibility to check before putting them into the box and the quality control of the comfort zone should be better. I am waiting for the replacement but it hasn't come through yet.

The she said beauty customer service was very helpful in responding to the problem. Therefore I am happy and will continue subscribe to the April box!

Here is an overall picture of the box:

If you are interested in the box, please use my subscription link:


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