Thursday 15 March 2012

February Jolie Box

Jolie box was sent by a friend that I met from Beauty box swaps @NinachuHK
her blog is

It is a disappointing box, not that the product is not good but the customer service is very poor. First of all, they missed both Nina's and my jolie box. Nina was very kind and she rang the customer service and report that there're two box missing. The CS told Nina and I to wait for a week before contacting them again and send me the box. Nina did it after the date that was set, and urged them to send it via First Class. However, the box was sent by second class. I was 2 months later than the others to get the box.

This is the box, it is smaller than the other beauty boxes.

The menu is different.. I like the paper~ :)

and I notice the difference between Jolie box and the other beauty boxes that they use a bag to put all the items in. The other boxes use wrapping paper to wrap all the products
I think the bag is a good idea because it is reusable!

Let's see what I've got in the box
1.Jane Tredare lip stick
This is a very summery colour.. might try it out later. Haven't swatched it yet.

2. Taaj eye/lip remover
It is in clear bottle. I have tested, will be uploading in the next post about it in comparison with other eye/lip makeup remover in the market

3. Lavera Hand cream
Smells nice but I still have a couple in use and will use it when i travel next month (coz the size is tiny)

4. Macadamia deep repair masque
This is the masque that everybody is obsessed about. I have swapped with someone because I afraid that my sensitive scalp will become even more sensitive.

5. RMK cleansing oil
This is a sample size. RMK is one of the brands that I enjoy using. It will be better if they have a oil with a bigger size e.g. 5-10 ml for testing. We can hardly test the formula with this

6. Jolie brush
I didn't subscribe to Jolie box in Dec. I think this is the gift that everyone gets when they subscribe to it. It's a nice and soft eye make up brush :)

Overall view:
The tracking system and the ordering system of Jolie box should be better. However, the items are OK to me (it would be better if it's another box as a compensation of the fact that they've missed our box). I would not subscribe to it at the moment because the items I got are so-so, not very attractive as the other beauty boxes do. I might change my mind if I see some very exciting products in it, e.g. the March Harrods Glossybox~


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