Sunday 4 March 2012

Disappointed February Glossybox

It has been very excited to get the glossbox. I was quite impressed with the January one and it was a short wait between the Jan and the Feb glossybox

And the packaging is as normals

The items are:
1. Invigorate Como Shambhala Lotion

2. Paul Mitchell hair smoothie

3. Duwop buttercup lipgloss

4. BM mineral eyeshadow

5. Dr. Bronner's Magic Liquid soap

I was very disappointed. I have sensitive scalp and cannot dare trying to use different types of products. I have way too many creams (from beauty boxes samples) and too many shadows (got a blink & go plattet in December glossybox I think). I think they should do a wide range of different samples to try. I have a lot of shower gel too and I don't think I will be finishing in 6 months. I am also disappointed that the only full sized product is the magic soap, which is only 1.75 pounds in retail. The box turn out to be 16.5pounds worth of products. I saw others with about 50 pounds worth of products in it and it was a bit disappointing.

Really hope that Glossybox will have a better box in March (which turns out to be a yes, because it's a crossover with Harrods)! Yeah!

Since the unhappy experience of the February, I contacted glossybox and asked for a refund. Their customer service was quite good and happy to give me a refund of 1000 glossydots when I send the box back.  I had to pay the delivery fee (which is about 3 pounds) and get the box refunded. I am happy to refund the box and wait for the next one to come :)

For subscribing to the March crossover glossbox, (which I have seen good items in, including products from Burberry, Bliss), please use my referral link:


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