Sunday, 18 March 2012

Comfort zone replacement from She said beauty box

If you have read my blog posts, you will know that the comfort zone cream from March She Said Beauty box was off. I contacted the customer service and they agreed to send me a replacement.
If you want to know more about it, please find the link below:

I got the replacement yesterday (16/03/2012) and I was quite pleased with what they give me. Although it is not the same set of products originally but still have a bunch of skincare products to try on. They are of a whole set range.

First of all, I got a letter from Comfort Zone for their apologies:

There are 3 products that are included in the replacement:

Comfort zone renight recover cream

Face expert kit

It's a full skincare range

and the third is in an envelope too:

I am going to try them all when my skin condition is a bit better. at the moment it's very unstable and wouldn't dare to change the whole routine and test on these.

To be honest, I am OK with the replacement. It would be better if the replacement come in a bigger bottle, e.g. 5ml sample to try on. Satches are not easy to test whether a product is good or not. But as I said I am happy for the replacement, the CS is good and will try when my skin condition is a bit 'healthier'.


  1. good replacement, will look forward to reviews x

  2. Glad they replaced it for you!




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