Sunday, 4 March 2012

Carmine February Box

As usual, a black box, and the ribbons

The box is sooooo full compared to the glossybox one:

The items are:

1. Andrea Fulerton Nail vanish in Matthew

It is a nice nudy colour. I have swatched it once and there is a bit of sparkle on it :)

2. Steamcream in Carpl

It is a very nice tin, but I don't like the lavendar smell.. It will be better if they do more scent :)

3. White-glo toothpaste

I have heard good things about this white-glo and supposed to be good for strengthening and whitening the teeth. will try this when i go on holiday next month :)

4. Balanced Me Rose otto body wash

I have many shower gels waiting for me to open, this will be added to the list. If I like it, I will give you guys a review on it!

5. Il Rossetto lipstick shade 42

This shade is too dark for me. Up for a swap with another swapper in Beauty box swap. Will post the colour and what I think about it after I receive the swap

The extra item is:

Yardley peony perfume

I really like the carmine box and this is the box that I am most happy about, across all the other boxes, and over all the others carmine box. At first I was going to cancel this after my first subscription, November 2011 edition, and I am pleased that I haven't done so!

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