Sunday 5 February 2012

Primer reviews (as requested)

These are the primers that I am having at the moment - 1. Laura mercier Primer 2, Shu's famous primer and 3, Shiseido revital primer

This is the first primer that I got from mum. I think I have kept it for so long that it's going bad, I think I might chuck it in the bin afterwards. It provides a smooth surface to my skin after applying it and it's ok for moisturising I think. I will try some other brands and compare with it before I repurchase this again.

Shu Uemura - this brand is famous for make up products. I love this primer because it has sunscreen and also evens my colour on the cheek. It is too dry for winter therefore I normally use it during summer.

Shiseido Revital Moisturising primer - this one is the latest primer in the collection. It moisturises my skin well if I don't put foundation on. However it dries my skin a bit if I buff it with mineral foundations...

I am looking for good primers after all.. Any good suggestions for me to try out?


  1. I'm happy with my Laura mercier one atm but I'll check out the Shiseido one too. Xx

    1. I don't think you can get this Shiseido one from UK. I think they only do a black tube in UK. It's a bit annoying when they do different lines in different part of the world.

  2. very nice brands!!!!
    what are the textures?

    I have:
    Dr Riccaud base lissante daily use
    DHC velvet coat new = kept a sample sachet for u
    Clarins instant smooth new / uses samples
    Murad dewely new samples

    will try to swatch them on my bog one day


    1. Laura Mercier and Shiseido is more of a watery like substance, with Shiseido is more watery I think.

      For Shu, it's more like a liquid foundation texture...


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