Thursday 2 February 2012

Latest in Beauty YOU box

I am very excited today that I have just received 6 parcels!!!! I have a blog post list that I would like to share with you guys and they will be updated in a few days time.
I have also started the travel blog, please have a look at that if you have time. More will be updated hopefully in the next few days as I will have more free time to do blog posts.

I have been waited for long!!! The YOU box has finally arrived
It comes in a light pink box

and as of other boxes, there are cards with information about products in the box

All the products are nicely packed in the box!

First of all, it's the bare minerals fairy light powder.

I love the colour but the brush is a bit hard to apply. I am not sure whether it's because of the size or the hair. I cannot really buff the powder evenly onto my face, That's a pain

Then it's the 101 cream sample

I have never heard of the brand before but worth giving it a try!

Third thing in the box is:

Dr. Nick Lowe oil control day cream. I have heard from my friends that this brand is very good and it's my pleasure to try this cream out!

The forth to sixth items are by Bamford

Body wash, body lotion and botanic bath oil. I am keeping the body wash and body lotion but giving the bath oil away because my skin cause breakouts with oils. It's strange but I don't know why.

The seventh item is Sisley cream:

This is a cream that I would like to try, but I am not affordable to try. I am very pleased that they've got sample in the box which I can give it a go! Sisley and La Mer are the ultimate goal to me :)

Last but not least, it's my fav of January item: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

All the items in the box:

I am so delighted and happy about the stuff! I will use them all (except the oil) and probably do a review on it! I know I owe a lot of reviews and I will do it when I have time and I promise! I wouldn't do a review without trying a product for a certain period of time.

Two previews of the blog posts: 1. Nice brushes 2. my first ELF haul


  1. I loved this box! (and will use everything in it) x

  2. I love this both too!

    love the fact that I will be trying sisleya and Liz earl (since you gave such a good recommendation).

    I usually like dr lowe
    my mum will love the Bomford especially the bath oil.

    My mum and I both love bath oils.

    Thank for the post Dorothy



    1. Give reviews after you've used the cleanse and polish!

  3. I'd love to try Sisley cream too!!

  4. There are many stuffs here!
    I would love to see reviews after your using any of them!

    1. I haven't quite have the chance to use the products yet. My skin is undergoing some unstable condition and wouldn't try any other products other than my daily routine. I will do a comparison between Bare minerals and another mineral powder soon :)


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