Friday, 3 February 2012

Eyelipface (ELF) flash mop haul

Last weekend there was a flash mop campaign on ELF online site. You get a mysterious bag of goodies when you spend 10 pounds or more. Therefore I got 2 products from ELF.

1. A small Brush holder

It is not as big as the big one (which is three times this size) and I can put all my brushes in:

You might wonder why the purple brush is so cute. It's a Heart-shape brush, which will be in the post about my new brushes!

2. Kabuki face brush

and the following is my mystery items from ELF!

two eye liners, a purple nail vanish and a purple tweezer!!! I love purple a lot! however, I would prefer some more natural like colours e.g. beige, and the eyliner be black/brown. I think I am going to keep the GEM Tweezer!! Thank ELFxxx

Thanks for reading this. I know I am lazy in keeping the blog updated for travelling. I will try my best to do it when I have time (went out all day today)


  1. where do u use the purple heart brush???

    its sooooo Kawai!

    how much was it incl postage?



    1. the purple heart brush is for loose powder and blush... (i have lots of brushes that does the same stuff =.=)

      depends on the size, they have big, medium and small size. the one I have is a small one, which is a traveller's size.

      The small one is about 30 pounds, postage free


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