Saturday, 4 February 2012

The cutie little brushes

My hubby got me these brushes from Lamsamyick as my valentine's present. it's very sweet of him and he posted it all the way to England to me!!! It was a great supprise!

These four brushes + the cosmetics bag is the pressent!!! They are all travel sizes (which is good to carry out!) and they are in my favourite colour - PURPLE!!! Lamsamyick does pink or violet version of this set!

According to the website of Lamsamyick, they originally do feather pens that Chinese uses. And in recent years, they have started investing in the cosmetic brushes. All of the brushes are handmade and each one is different. This collection is called a New Year Pack and cost about 42 pounds. You get free shipping when you spend more than HKD200! so shipping to UK is free and they ship by airmail! :)

This is a blush brush

An eyeliner brush

A heart shaped brush. According to the description, you can apply the loose powder with the edges and on the two top bit of the heart shape, it's used for blush application.

And finally a lipliner brush

I like the long handle :)

Overall, I think these brushes are very soft and even softer than my MAC brush. I haven't had a chance to try the brushes well enough for a review. I will pop my user feedback down below once I have fully tried all the brushes.

You can PM me about the information or I can order them for you online (since the official webpage is in Chinese)

In addition, they have cute looking flower brush for mineral foundation! I think I might save that for my friend's birthday present!

Thanks for reading the post~ have a nice weekend!


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