Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nail vanishes Feb 26th

Recently, I have been addicted to painting my nails (I haven't use any nail vanish before!!!!)

I have bought a OPI base and top coat vanish online

OPI start to finish base and top coat
I buy this because it is a two in one formula. I have just started painting my nails and don't know whether I will keep on using nail vanishes or not. By buying this, I can save one of the bottles. I invest in a high end brand because I am sure that OPI will actually protect my nails :)

My nails after painting the base coat. The finish is shiny and I love this. I am sure that I will put it on if I don't want to add any colour to my nails :) I didn't regret from buying this!

Then I tried using the nail vanish from my feelunique February box

It shows a natural pink and I love this colour so much! It has become my favourite! I will try and post some more nail vanish reviews because I am just addicted to how beautifully nails can be! :)

Feel Unique Febrary Box

I know it's a bit late to blog about this. I was quite busy in the past few weeks.
I am sure that everyone got a piece of sad news after receiving this box, which is, Feelunique is going to stop producing these lovely beauty boxes. I have to say that the feel unique boxes are the boxes that I love the most, both product wise and the actual box for storage. I really like the idea where you slide your box out to get the products. I have two of them and they all piled together. I will blog about how I use these beauty boxes to store my goodies later on!

Back to the boxes

And the theme of this month is: Fall in love

And I actually was fallen in love with this box!

The first item is the 100ml sample size Elemis Ginger and lime toner

I have always wanted to try Elemis products!! It is in my pile of sample to use and will soon start using it!

The second item is another product from a brand which I always would like to try on:

Decleor phytopeel
This is a peeling cream. I am a bit worried that it might cause some sort of problem to my delicate skin (coz I cannot exfoliate tooooo much). will try on a small part first before exfoliating to the whole face :)

The third item is a NUXE oil

To be honest, I am not a big fan of oil. gave it to my friend, Nina.
On the card, it says: A unique super activated formula to nourish, repair & soften face, body &hair in a single gesture. Mix a drop with your foundation & it will glide smoothly on your skin for instant dewy radiance or pour a small amount in the palm of your hand & gently ruffle your hair for a natural sheen.

the forth item is a full sized Leighton Denny nail vanish

The colour is diamond Rose.
Please refer to my blog post:

The fifth item is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I have sensitive hair so I am not going to try this. I will give it to my beloved and he will tell me what he thinks about it. On the card it says,
Improve or maintain the quality & behaviour of your hair with this amazing cult treatment loved by the beauty industry! Great for over-processed, dry and damaged hair, the more frequent use of this intensive treatment formula will the more restorative the results!

On top of the five items, there is an extra: perfume!

I really love the smell of it and I wear this every single day!

Friday, 24 February 2012


It has been quite a while since I last blogged and I know I have owed quite a few posts from you all. I will try my best and keep it up to date!

I can list some posts that I will be doing in the coming future
1. Amarya beauty box review (FEB)
2. Feb Glossybox review
3. another secret valentines review + swapping haul
4. February haul
5. February used up items
6. Some product reviews :)

hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog. Please comment and share your thoughts ;)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Primer reviews (as requested)

These are the primers that I am having at the moment - 1. Laura mercier Primer 2, Shu's famous primer and 3, Shiseido revital primer

This is the first primer that I got from mum. I think I have kept it for so long that it's going bad, I think I might chuck it in the bin afterwards. It provides a smooth surface to my skin after applying it and it's ok for moisturising I think. I will try some other brands and compare with it before I repurchase this again.

Shu Uemura - this brand is famous for make up products. I love this primer because it has sunscreen and also evens my colour on the cheek. It is too dry for winter therefore I normally use it during summer.

Shiseido Revital Moisturising primer - this one is the latest primer in the collection. It moisturises my skin well if I don't put foundation on. However it dries my skin a bit if I buff it with mineral foundations...

I am looking for good primers after all.. Any good suggestions for me to try out?

UK trip 2011 Day 3 - Bus tour

This is the symbol of Bath~ different forms of PIG!!!

There are only 4 staff taking care of the flowers in the whole of Bath.. I was amazed how brilliant in creating these nice features :)

Bath Spa Station

All the buildings are on the same level. This is also the feature in Bath's buildings

This shop is opened by Prince Chales

After the city bus tour, We went to the Pump room

Thanks for reading xxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The cutie little brushes

My hubby got me these brushes from Lamsamyick as my valentine's present. it's very sweet of him and he posted it all the way to England to me!!! It was a great supprise!

These four brushes + the cosmetics bag is the pressent!!! They are all travel sizes (which is good to carry out!) and they are in my favourite colour - PURPLE!!! Lamsamyick does pink or violet version of this set!

According to the website of Lamsamyick, they originally do feather pens that Chinese uses. And in recent years, they have started investing in the cosmetic brushes. All of the brushes are handmade and each one is different. This collection is called a New Year Pack and cost about 42 pounds. You get free shipping when you spend more than HKD200! so shipping to UK is free and they ship by airmail! :)

This is a blush brush

An eyeliner brush

A heart shaped brush. According to the description, you can apply the loose powder with the edges and on the two top bit of the heart shape, it's used for blush application.

And finally a lipliner brush

I like the long handle :)

Overall, I think these brushes are very soft and even softer than my MAC brush. I haven't had a chance to try the brushes well enough for a review. I will pop my user feedback down below once I have fully tried all the brushes.

You can PM me about the information or I can order them for you online (since the official webpage is in Chinese)

In addition, they have cute looking flower brush for mineral foundation! I think I might save that for my friend's birthday present!

Thanks for reading the post~ have a nice weekend!
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