Monday 30 January 2012

My Daily Routine - January 2012

I think it'll be nice for me to share with you all about my current skincare routine.
I have bought a lot from Hong Kong during Christmas and the Christmas sale in UK.
Let's take a tour to have a look at what I'm using now:


This cleanser is known as a cheaper version of Eve Lom. I got this in the beginning of December when this Christmas trial sample was out. The cleanser helped me to cleanse the skin properly. However, I think it takes up quite a lot when you need to remove heavy make up. Therefore, I normally use make up removal wipes to wipe the skin first before using this cleanser at night. The muslin cloth has to be washed after 3-4 times of usage because it contains all the germs and bacteria. So far I have been using it for 3 weeks and I am loving it! I will try the Eve Lom one after this and see the difference and which is better.

Clairns Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel: It is a gel like, when you add some water to the gel, it will turn into light foam. It has a light citrus, orangey smell. It relaxes your skin. However, I have breakout sometimes, this might be better in the summer. I will give it a try in 2-3 months time. I use this when I am lazy with cleansing my face.

Peeling powder:
This is a LRB golden powder. I use this mixing with cleansing milk to cleanse my skin. I also use this to cleanse my acnes on my back. It's quite good for exfoliating and closing my pores somehow. 

Purifying Mask:

 Borghese Green Clay mask: This is a purifying mask, and it helps exfoliating well. It removes the black heads on my nose. Sometimes I apply this mask when I am showering, the effect is even better.
 No. 7 Purifying Sauna Mask: The mask is heated when it reacts with the skin. I am not sure why, it doesn't heat up after a few seconds. It does purify my skin but sometimes there are some white deposits after I wash my face. I am not sure whether they are dead skin. Nevertheless, it gives a smooth, refreshed skin finished.

Facial Mist:
 Eau Thermal Avene Water Spray: There are a lot of ways to use this mist:
1. To complete make-up removal
2. After hair removal
3. Razar burn
4. Diaper rash
5. Facial Redness
6. Itching
7. After a surgical procedure
8. Damaged skin
9. After exercise
10. During travel
11. In summer
I don't think it has any special effect of this mist. So I don't think I will be buying this after this bottle.
 Innisfree Green tea mineral mist: This was bought from Korea. It has some moisturising lotion mix with the mist. It gives a refreshed feeling after spraying.

Moisturising base:
 Kose Infinity Moisture Concentrate: this gives my skin a base of moisturising and help absorbs more in the latter procedures. I enjoy this moisture concentrate a lot. I use that after cleansing, before and after putting mask.

 Kose Infinity Serum Concentrate II: This is ideal for dry skin type. I have a combination skin type, which my T-zone and chin is quite oily while my cheeks are a bit dry. I should use the Serum Concentrate I instead of II. The reason why I choose II is because it provides more moisture during the winter. I enjoy using this toner because it soften my skin so much and it is my latest favourite skincare~

HABA G-lotion: This is a toner that I use to cleanse my skin if they are lots of dirt before I use the Kose toner, IT does the cleansing job well. O I also use this before applying masks to make the mask more absorbed and to the best effect!

Gokujyun hydrating toner: This is a deep moisturising toner, I use this as toner masks before putting make up on. It boost up the water level (hydrates my skin) so quickly that makes my makeup less easy to fall out.


 Kose Infinity Serum Completion: I use this along with the Lotion Concentrate for the best effect. If my skin is not stable, I will use cotton wool to apply it which in term soften the skin and more absorbed by the skin.

 Gokyjyun moisturiser: It is not moisturising enough during the winter. Will give it another try during summer.

(I put this before moisturiser)

 DHEA serum: a moisturising serum but I think EL does a better job than this.
 Estee Lauder Hydrationist: This is a small sample. I am not sure why the retail shops don't sell this in UK. I got a full size version in the Cosmetic Company in Portsmouth outlet. This does the hydrating bit so well that I has become my favourite!
 Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair: this is the all time best selling item by Estee Lauder. Normally I apply this and mix with hydrationist serum. It closes some of my pores and give a more healthy looking skin texture.
 Innisfree green tea seed serum: It's hydrating ok, but too dry during winter. I will continue using it during the winter.

 Nivea hydro care: This hydrates my lips and smooths my lip lines.
 The Body Shop Moringa body butter: It smooths my skin so well that I love it. But I doubt that I will be finishing this within 1 year. (It expires after 1 year)

 Origins Drink Up intensive: This is my sleeping mask at the moment. It hydrates my skin during the night and I love the smell :)

Innisfree red wine peel: This softens and removes dirt of my skin. I will apply deep cleansing masks after peeling with this gel for a better result.

Lots of water masks which brightens and hydrates my skin in this cold, dry English weather :)

thanks so much for reading.


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